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Welcome to 2nd Hour’s Class Blog

This is an example of a private class blog. In the final set up, only authors, students, would be able to access this site with their passwords.

In the links along the bottom of the header–book groups, book trailer, character profile, etc.–are projects which feature a technology tool. I plan to use each one as a writing exercise or as a culminating projects for various units. On each page you will find an example of how it could be used in class.

One feature of this site which I like is the Member area in the right sidebar. Each student would have a link there, and when it is clicked on you are taken to a page where everything they have posted is displayed. This makes tracking very easy.

I also like having the ability to have seperate pages–forums, The Pearl, etc.–listed along the top. Class discussions on a specific question can take place in a forum, or they can be used to display all links to student work for a project.

I have a whole list of other things that I will post as time goes along as well.


Digital Overload

Take a look at this article about Digital Overload published in ISSUE.

Again, blogger lets my embed right in the blog, so it is easier perhaps to have a link to a blogspot for this.

Actually, I like the interface at ISSUE better. It may be possible for students to post their responses there.

Gender Analysis Magazine Cover

Here is a sample Glog for an interesting project on gender identity I am thinking of using for a unit on media literacy.

On Blogger, I am able to embed the actual Glog. I will have to see if I can categorize blogs over there.

Technology Tools: iPad App ReplayNote

This is an easy to use video maker that you can import pictures, record your voice, etc. This could easily do what the Khan Academy does to turn all lectures into homework and open up the classroom for discussion and exercise completion.

If we get iPads, this is the first app I will pay for.

Technology Tools: Kindle App

I just downloaded the free chapter of The Things they Carried, and I think it would be fun to have students read one chapter on the Ipods when we start working on that book.

Students would need to have an amazon account, but these apps are free so it shouldn’t be a problem to create a ‘dummy’ account for each student.

I just had a thought about how to use facebook and IPods. With Hello Crayons or Hello Color Pencils, students could do a drawing of a scene or an idea they find important or wish to speak more about, then they could post it to a class facebook account. They could then go in and make a comment about what the drawing means. Other students could also comment on their favorite drawings.

It would require a class facebook page and everyone would have to download the apps on the Ipods, but that is pretty easy. Also would have to monitor the comments and ensure the use of the blogging policy.

Technology Tools: Twitter Feeds

I’m not really much of a twitter fan, but some teachers are having students post a summary of the class on twitter. It works for getting students to process what they did in class for the day, and since it is a tool they are used to they will be concise and limit it to 140 characters or less.

I found that I didn’t take it too seriously since I knew the teachers would not value it very highly, but it did make me think about what we had really accomplished for the day.

Tech Tools: Google Docs

Wow, this tool works just like Word’s Track Changes, but it allows multiple editors, tracks and highlights all of the changes, and allows you to simply send the link to the file instead of sending out many different versions of the same document.

For anyone who is interested, just let me know, and I’ll send you a link in an email to a Google Doc that gives brief instructions on how to use it. I am hoping that anyone who has used this in class before will get the link and add to the document. Anyone with the link is allowed to revise it.

I think this could easily be used for correcting papers. And, it really makes sense with cross-campus peer reviews. It could also be used for any collaborative project like book groups.

Imagine having all students logged on to the same document and being able to edit as you teach about Annotation.

Prezi Examples

Here are a couple I have done: and


Technology Tool: Glogster

Glogster is great for character profiles – either fictional or non-fictional. I think it could also be used to compare and contrast two different authors views pretty easily. It makes a great digital Body Biography.

Here is a great example on To Kill a Mockingbird.